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What is the first impression that you want potential clients to have of your business? No matter how awesome your business may be (and we know it's pretty awesome), if your website and marketing materials look like your friend's high-school nephew made them in an hour, you could very easily repel those potential clients.

We're here to make sure that doesn't happen.

As a couple of (self-proclaimed) marketing gurus, our job is to create sleek websites, eye-catching logos, glossy videos, and other cool, essential marketing things that are designed to make your business look awesome.

Let us make your business look awesome.


Web Design
Your website deserves to be awesome on every level. We're here to give it a sleek look, gripping content, and a user-friendly layout that even your 90-year-old granny could navigate.
Animated Videos
Reading is great, but watching is better. An animated video about your business can quickly and effectively engage your target audience.
Social Media
As millennials of the highest order, we are well-equipped to give your business the social media presence it needs to draw in #customers.
Graphic Design
Logo design, brochure design, banner design, flyer design, t-shirt design, pamphlet design...shall we go on? Okay, we'll stop.

We'll take your business to the next level.


Petticoat Schmitt Civil Contractors

Web Design
Petticoat Schmitt Civil Contractors

Your substance and our style: the perfect match.


Our team is made of two regular dudes. (By "regular," we mean incredibly talented, overly ambitious and irresistibly attractive.) We're also very humble.

Just like every other hard-working, caffeine-dependent team, we thrive on creating quality work that makes our clients happy. Do you want to be happy? Great! Let's make your business look awesome.

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If you're ready to start making your business look awesome, call or email us today. Since we're technology-obsessed millennials, you can expect that we'll always have our phones at the ready.